The new issue is here! And it’s our last.


You read that correctly. This is our last issue. Many thanks to everyone that believed in us and supported the magazine over the last 2 years! It’s been an honor and an incredible ride to bring the first ever vegan fitness magazine for women into the world! But don’t worry, we aren’t disappearing. Just evolving.

After many days and hours pondering the idea of going to print and researching all that it entailed we decided not to go that route. The shelves so badly need a magazine like Definition; one that lifts women up, inspires, is full of vibrant vegan food, and information relevant for today. But you would not believe how much work and money is needed to take a magazine to print, and how many trees have to die for it.


We’ve decided to expand our website to include¬†similar content that the magazine has and be your number 1 resource for all things health and fitness: delicious vegan recipes, weight and bodyweight workouts, articles on health and more. This will allow us more flexibility in not having set deadlines that must be reached. Everyone that works on the magazine has their own businesses and such, so running a magazine full time is not an option.

Soooo….what do you want to see on our new blog? Tell us what you want to see!

And be sure to check out our last issue. It’s the best one yet!



Our Winter Issue includes:

  • Our 2015 cruelty-free holiday gift guide
  • Workout guide to glorious glutes
  • Yoga for travelers
  • Interviews with vegan athletes from all types of sports
  • Delicious holiday recipes including our special warming drinks
  • Transformation stories to inspire
    and more!

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Founder of Definition Magazine, vegan chef, author, educator, personal trainer, world traveler, cat snuggler, tea drinker, dumbbell slinger. Lover of plant-powered food and helping others find their bliss. Vegan since 2002, became obsessed with fitness and lifting heavy stuff in 2013. Two triathlons, one bodybuilding show, and three adventure races under my belt with many more adventures on the way!

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